Regulated Pension Analysis


When it comes to pensions, they are a fund for retirement, it is of paramount importance to make the right decisions when any changes to the future as they are for life. In an ideal world, retiring at a reasonable age will leave people with many years to go before death and living them to the fullest, making the most of that time needs preparing for as much any other major life change.

Our services offer you access to a regulated adviser with full transparency. We have a bank of IFA’s who cover every type of pension between them and will carefully produce a report that is defined by your wishes, risk profile, circumstances and aspirations for the future of your pension, retirement and family.

The process of submitting your case to one of the IFA’s is simple. Gather the pension information together, we sit down for about an hour and put it all together with a simple fact find that creates the profile for the IFA to produce the advice from and they then get on and do it. Once the report is finished, you receive a copy and we discuss any thoughts on there with you. At no point will anyone from Butterfly give you advice on what to do, this is strictly between you and the regulated IFA, we merely act as a translator and facilitate the paperwork making sure it is a simple process for you.

The process of a Pension Review

There are many different options available with pension reforms that have come out in the last few years but they still remain a minefield with many scams and pitfalls. We have a page on the site that covers a lot of the things to watch out for and to be wary of, in the information centre section.

We as a business do not charge a fee for the services we offer and the process works based on the fact the advice provided is free to you up to the point of taking the advice if it comes to that. The reason that we focus on this is that the more information we can establish through the IFA for you then the better informed you are going forwards. We aim to generate a long standing association with our clients and offer access to the full network of individuals we have sourced to provide the widest coverage for you, the client. Whilst doing this there are no sales, we will not pester and the only people who get your information are the ones who need it on the back of your request.

We can not stress enough, this is your fund, your future and you must be the one motivated to pursue it. We are here to provide the flow and process but it is your retirement. If you feel like we can be of service to you then please get in touch and we initiate the ball rolling with you. If this is not something you are comfortable doing then please just use the website for your own benefit of information and news, specifically the awareness page as it is important as many people are up to speed on this as possible.

Our professional consultants are on hand to take any query on a completely no obligation basis.